FinCo Capital S.A. specialises in comprehensive advisory services for the broadly defined European funds’ projects.
Our general imperative is the effective use of funds from European sources and other financial entities cooperating with us.
Our services are characterised by the complex preparation of project documentation including grant application, business plan, feasibility study, environmental impact assessment and other attachments required.   

FinCo Capital employees and associates are experienced industry experts with many years’ experience in areas such as the state administration, training and consulting companies and financial institutions.  

The experience gained in these institutions helps to prepare and implement a unique approach to the preparation and management of projects co-financed by the European Union.

The scope of fund-raising:


  1. Preparation of complete documentation –grant application with its attachments.
  2. Assistance at the stage of grant settlement signing, project progress reporting and payment applications (financial and material clearing of the grants received).
  3. Project management – provision of management knowledge for key decision-makers.
  4. Audit of the project – verification of the correctness of the processes conducted within the project, risk management and recommendations for performance improvement.
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